Towards a Difference

Welcome on your path towards a difference.

I am an experienced and versatile counsellor supporting clients, who struggle with relationship problems, career issues, self-confidence and self-image, mental health, trauma, addictions and many other kinds of emotional distress or suffering, that a person is no longer able to cope with by oneself.

My "tool box" contains sound knowledge and experience in the field of psychology, stress management, psychopathology, psychotherapy, human development and potential. I have been very lucky having had some outstanding teachers, who have been enriching my practice not only with set of methods and techniques, but also a deep understanding and an ability to form a genuine relationship and sharing space, that enables positive changes, sometimes with an astonishing intensity. Therapeutic work may seem a challenge at times as it is based on seeking the truth about your life and your difficulties. That truth may sometimes bring to surface past wounds, misfortunes, pain or uncertainty, however it is the same kind of truth that brings to light our strength, wisdom and the new choices/opportunities as we grow to trust it in the sound therapeutic space.