Group therapy

Group therapy creates unique context to exchange support through gradual opening up and sharing experiences as well as building possible authentic relationships, learning to see and be seen. This kind of therapeutic work, as challenging and intense as it may be, brings noticeable changes in our ways of being with ourselves and others.

Groups can be especially helpful for clients with depression, difficulties in starting and maintaining satisfying social/intimate relationships, problems with self-confidence, self-acceptance, body image, your past and its consequences or your way of life.

Usually a group would last 6-12 months; sessions lasting 3 hours mainly evenings or weekends. They may include dialogue, relaxation, guided imagery, elements of art therapy, sometimes work with body and movement and system of beliefs, feelings and other. Every group has its unique character, dynamics, rhythm and history, that in combination may often take you to the place where so much will never be the same.