Individual therapy

Couples counselling creates neutral, confidential and honest space for both of you to set up and move towards realistic, positive goals around understanding and overcoming the existing problems. Therapeutic work is efficient mainly through open and honest communication (and efforts to achieve it), free exploration of possible perspectives on the problem as well as exercises, techniques and "homework assignments" focusing on new skills, differences, habits and resources, that play a role in your current difficulties.

Couples counselling usually spans over 8-16 sessions 60 or 90 minutes long, the same time every week.

Your relationship is likely to benefit from counselling if you are looking for support in one or more aspects stated below:

  • Difficulties in communication; conflicts and arguments, that do not bring resolution
  • Difficulties in negotiating differences
  • Breach of trust; history of betrayal
  • Domestic violence, abuse, aggression
  • Separation, divorce, end of relationship
  • Stress, illness or external pressures that affect/disturb relationship
  • Managing changes, transitions, crisis
  • Difficulties around bringing up children together